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5 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I have a huge magnolia tree behind my garage on the servitute in the ditch. City came and replaced the sewer line that was on the other side of the ditch from the magnolia tree. Since then the tree has continuely lost leaves and some branches are falling off. I know the tree is over 60 years old and was very beautiful.. I have tried to use root stimulate to it and 8-8-8 Fertilizer doesn’t seem to help////
    Pls heip..

    • Ron,

      Thanks for your post . Unfortunately, Magnolia trees don’t do well with root damage. The fertilizer you are using probably won’t help much since it’s more for leaf/shoot growth and not root growth. Root stimulator may be more appropriate.

      I’d be happy to meet with you to look at your tree. Call anytime at (225) 205 0706.

      Sorry you hear about this,


  2. What care (Fertilizing, soil Ph, etc.) is best for a Savannah Holly? Will a north facing Holly do better than one that is on the south side of a house with full summer sun?

    • Andy, thanks a lot for the question. I hope the information I provide you will help. I apologize for my tardiness in this response.

      Savannah Hollies do fine in full sun to partial shade. Having said that, the North side of your home may be okay depending on whether there are other sources of shade (trees, other structures, etc.), which if there are, may be too shady. The south side of your home is probably best, even if there are other sources of shade since the South will provide more sun overall anyway. Does that make sense?

      The pH you should aim for is one that is slightly acidic (6-7). Hollies prefer moist, well drained, clay, loamy, or sandy soil. They don’t do we’ll with flooded, poorly drained sites.

      As far as fertilization is concerned it’s probably best to test your soil and your leaves at the Soil Lab at LSU. LSU provides information on how you can go about this process. My firm also provides this service. Once you have the results and know what level of nutrients are in the leaves and soil the you will have a better idea of what to fertilize with and will be able to avoid possible toxicities and pollution from over-fertilization. A soil test will also tell you the pH and texture of your soil. See the link to the LSU info below:


      I hope this helps. Let me now if you have any further questions and thanks!


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